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National Cycad Germplasm Conservation Center

Shenzhen is located in the southern subtropical region with wild populations of Cycas fairylakea and therefore climate suitable for the conservation of cycads. In 2002 the National Cycad Germplasm Conservation Center (referred to as “the center” hereafter), w a s j o i n t l y f o u n d e d i n F a i r y l a k e Botanical Garden, by the China State Forestry Administration and Shenzhen Urban Management Bureau. After years of efforts the center has collected cycads of about 80% species in the world and all the species of Cycas from China, of which some species already flower and bear fruits normally.

1. Germplasm Collection and Conservative Cultivation
To date, the cycad center conserves cycads about of 240 species in 10 genera and 3 families. It covers an area of 3.3 ha. including nurseries, public education exhibition, bonsai display and ex situ conservation areas. With integrated functions of conservation, research, propagation and education, the center is becoming a worldwide cycad collection with unique conservation scale and display pattern.

2. Major Projects and Awards
Since the foundation of the cyacd center, more than ten projects from government departments have been granted; a Guangdong Provincial Award for Science and Technology Progress, Shenzhen Award for Science and Technology Innovation Progress were awarded; A national technology patent and a new plant variety certificate were authorized and issued; A Guangdong provincial standards for “The Propagation & Cultivation Techniques, as well as Product Quality Grades of Common Commercial Cycads” was formulated and put into implement. In addition, the center fulfilled The Reintroduction Program of Cycas debaoensis, which is the first plant reintroduction project sponsored by national government in China, Furthermore more than 50 academic articles and 3 books have been published, and over 20 graduated students have been trained for their Master degree.

3. A Brief to the Reintroduction to Natural Habitat of Cycas debaoensis Project
Cycas debaoensis is an endangered cycad species distributed in western Guangxi and eastern Yunnan. With a unique, bamboo-like appearance, the species has suffered an abrupt damage after it was published. The total number of the wild 15 populations was less than 800 individuals. Supported by China State Forestry Administration, the center reintroduced 500 DNA-detected seedlings of C. ebaoensis which were propagated in the center to their hometown, Huanglian Mountain Nature Reserve, Guangxi in April, 2008. The follow-up surveys for three years indicated that the C. debaoensis seedlings grow very well, where is very near to the type location of the species. In 2011 the shooting rate of the fronds reached 97% and 8 individuals flowered. This achievement has been received extensive affirmation.







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