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Welcome to Fairy Lake
Fairy Lake Botanical Garden, Shenzhen and Chinese Academy of Sciences (or Shenzhen Fairy Lake Botanical Garden, or Fairy Lake Botanical Garden, hereafter referred to as SZBG, or the Garden) is a botanical garden with multiple functions, including biodiversity conservation, scientific research, science education and tourism. The mission of SZBG is to preserve tropical and subtropical plants ex situ, to carry out both basic and applied research, to provide insights about urban greening and landscape, and to supply innovative environmental education.
Scenic Spots
From the main entrance (Fairy Lake Plaza) of the Garden, there are a variety of amazing scenic places along the routes through the Garden. Many of the landscapes, pavilions, pagodas and themed gardens are located around the Fairy Lake. Currently the Garden has about eighty scenery spots in total, including pavilions, pagodas, themed gardens, plus several museum and exhibition halls dedicated to public education. The themed gardens are used not only for plant conservation, but also serve as displays of the landscape as well as places for education. They are all open to the public. Although the function and emphasis are different between scenic spots and themed gardens across the Garden, the concepts of design and construction without exception combine beauty with conservation purpose.
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